Individual Psychotherapy


Child Psychotherapy:

Child psychotherapy using art and play therapy modalities (Please see "What is Play Therapy?"). Developmental screenings are completed for children (birth to age 5) as part of the assessment process and support is provided to the parent/caregiver with the referral process if the child needs additional support. This service supports the child or youth to regulate his or her emotions and to develop pro-social skills and behaviors in tune with the child’s developmental stage. Therapy can also be tailored to serve children/youth who have experienced trauma, grief/loss, separation from a parent/caregiver (through divorce, placement in the foster-care system, or other circumstances), and/or are experiencing adjustment challenges following a transition. 

Adult Psychotherapy:

Focused on but not limited to understanding and treating mood disorders such as depression and anxiety, coping with grief/loss, processing and healing from trauma, adjusting to life transitions, exploring one’s identity and building self-esteem, learning tools to manage stress and increase self-care, exploring and addressing relationship and boundary issues, and being able to problem-solve to make decisions.

Infertility and Reproductive Health:

Individual therapy focused on reproductive mental health including coping with the stress and grief associated with infertility and secondary infertility, the impact of infertility on one’s relationships, exploring infertility treatment and family building options, support through treatments, and child-free decision making.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Related Therapy:

Individual therapy focused on maternal emotional health during and immediately following pregnancy, including identity and physical changes, pregnancy loss, childbirth anxiety, birth trauma, pre-term birth, postpartum depression and anxiety, adjustment to motherhood, difficulty with newborn bonding, and self-care. Treatment is especially tailored to, but not limited to, women who experience pregnancy and childbirth following infertility treatment. 


Family Therapy


Parent-Child Relationship Therapy:

This service includes relationship based, dyadic therapy with both the child and parent/caregiver, and can be in conjunction with individual child psychotherapy using art and play therapy modalities. This service is especially beneficial for families who have been exposed to trauma or separation and are seeking targeted support towards parent-child attachment and their parenting style. Parents/caregivers learn how to interact with their child in a more effective and supportive manner, and the child learns to self-regulate and develop social skills in tune with the child’s developmental stage. 


Couples Therapy


Pre-Marital Counseling:

Explores compatibility, values, identity and cultural factors, and intimacy as part of the decision-making process related to marriage. Explores current or potential challenges within the relationship and how to cope with difficult situations.

Cross-Cultural/Multi-Heritage Couples:  

Addresses the unique stressors that mixed-race and culturally blended couples face, including identity, cultural and faith practices, and navigating cross-cultural dynamics. Explores the impact of family-of-origin dynamics on the current couple relationship and how to navigate boundaries within an extended family system. Supports communication that will increase emotional understanding and intimacy.

Infertility and Adjustment to Parenthood:

Focused primarily on couples experiencing infertility, family-building decision-making, sexual/intimacy challenges, and relationship adjustments during the transition to parenthood.


Group Counseling

Infertility Support Group:

Members of this infertility support group share their emotions and explore ways to cope with the challenges of infertility. Members help one another work through feelings of anger, anxiety and depression, as well as support each other through successes. All aspects of infertility are covered including the initial diagnosing and treatment, recurrent miscarriage, third party reproduction, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), when to stop treatment, and adoption. This group is open to women only. An initial interview must be completed, there is a 6-week minimum commitment to the group with the option of continuing, and the fee is $360 for the 6 weeks of group, paid at the start of the first session. Each session is 90-minutes in duration and sessions are held weekly. 

Grief Support Group:

Grief is a natural response to loss, is expressed in various ways, and is a natural part of healing after a loss. This support group focuses on the death of loved ones, emotional/physical/mental grief responses, remembrance of loved ones, and tools to cope and facilitate healing. In order to participate, an initial interview must be completed, there is a 6-week minimum commitment to the group, and the fee is $360 for the 6 weeks of group, paid at the start of the first session. Each session is 90-minutes in duration and sessions are held weekly. 


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